Your Path to Turbocharging Your Sales Counter Starts Here…

Imagine your sales Counter becoming a gold mine of new revenue.

Are you struggling to capture more of the remodeling business in your market?

What if there was a better way to capture this remodeler business?

Don’t settle for outdated tactics. Choose to turbocharge your sales counter and add high margin remodeler sales today.

Level Up Your Sales Counter

When your salespeople join the Turbocharge Your Sales Counter Coaching Program, they receive ongoing training, led by Rick Wedding.

This includes a one hour live workshop each week that includes Q&A, so they can get all those burning questions answered in real-time. On vacation, or have a scheduling conflict? No problem. Replays for all workshops will be ready to consume on demand.

Here’s some of our upcoming training:

✅ Unlock Your Potential: Learn the Art of Personal Branding
✅ Build a High-Quality Email List from Scratch
✅ Become a social media maven: Master the Art of Digital Influence!
✅ Create Impactful Marketing Material for Your Customers
✅ How to Use LinkedIn for Business Growth and Sales
✅ How to remain front and center in your customers mind
✅ Curate Like a Pro: Learn the Art of Content Curation
✅ Boost Your Business Leads: Exploring AI-Powered Prospecting

Who is Rick Wedding, and why should I care?

Rick Wedding is a 35-year industry veteran who spent the bubble years as a GM at a small-town yard that was part of a regional LBM chain in the Midwest. When his location was closed during the Great Recession, he decided to move home to Cincinnati. Job opportunities were slim, but Wedding ultimately found work on the sales counter at McCabe Lumber in suburban Loveland.

A lot of people take a temporary income hit at some point in their careers. Wedding decided to use his situation to see just how far he could push the boundaries of the inside sales position.

McCabe’s home builders work with outside salespeople, so Wedding’s customer base was limited primarily to remodelers. He knew most remodelers struggle with marketing, and figured that the best way to build a customer base was to become a steady source of job leads.

To help remodelers with marketing, he needed a following among homeowners. He used a free DIY website builder to build his own personal website. As the Building Supply Guy, Wedding’s mission is to provide DIFM consumers “with all the tools you need to confidently choose the products and services that are right for your home.”

He uses the site to post product reviews and project advice, to showcase his clients’ projects, and promote products and services at McCabe Lumber. Each week they get bundled into an email newsletter that goes to a list Wedding built by promoting himself on social media platforms and a YouTube channel, and by inviting anyone who visits McCabe’s showroom to subscribe to his list.

Wedding has since expanded his repertoire to include a podcast and occasional videocasts in which he interviews contractor clients and promotes their services. His customers have come to see him as a partner and not a vendor, to a point where some even have him build and manage their websites.

It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually Wedding’s sales revenue far outstripped anyone else on the sales counter at McCabe. He was promoted to outside sales as a result, but his client base is still almost exclusively remodelers. The biggest change is that he now works from home. And makes more money.

What if my sales counter people don’t like change?

Futurist Alvin Toffler, who way back in 1970 warned of the shock of accelerating change in the future, once said:

With the rate of change accelerating each year, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality certain to change your work environment, it’s a necessity that we periodically reset our thinking and behavior.

In fact, it will need to become part of who you are. Fortunately, the unlearning process is an ongoing, compounding, and virtuous system. That means the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better your results. But it’s up to you, of course, to embrace the process in the first place.

You need employees who are ready to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Why is now a good time to embrace this strategy?

After reading the article “A Remodeling Renaissance” by Greg Brooks of LBM Executive I learned that a number of factors are lining up to drive remodeling activity over the next decade.

Brooks mentions in the article that contractors who use warehouse retailers as a primary source of materials are more frequently switching to full-line lumberyards. The change is happening with or without you. You might as well welcome these folks into your camp.

I am here to help you get them and keep them—and do it profitably.

So how much does it cost?

Industry consultants would charge between $20,000 – $30,000 to help you implement this strategy, but I’m not convinced there is anyone out there with the proven experience I have accumulated using this method.

Besides, I’m not a retired lumber guy that has decided to become a consultant. Your salespeople will be working with a full-time building industry sales rep. As we pace ourselves through the cohort training, I will be with them practicing the lessions just like they are. This coaching program is completely autonomous from McCabe Lumber, and is conducted by me under my Building Supply Guy brand.

With the potential ROI of this program, I could easily charge $1000 per month for a seat at the virtual table. But, I wont. In fact, today you won’t pay even half that — $500 per month.

Eventually, Turbocharge Your Sales Counter Members — will pay $500 per month for access. But to celebrate this founding class, I want to make sure you get the best deal as an inaugural member. Which means that today, through this page only, you can join Turbocharge Your Sales Counter for just $300 per month (per sales rep). Plus, you’re under no obligation to stay a member. You can cancel at any time, and your card will no longer be billed.

It’s not a pipe dream — at all — to see yourself adding profitable remodeler revenue to your bottom line. The time to start, of course, is right now.